Susan Buret
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Artist Statement August 2007. in her high heels

Artist Statement
in her high heels

‘You need to wear them with confidence and find a balance between the strength they give you and the fragile (state) into which they put you’
Pierre Hardy, shoemaker, Vogue Australia, April 2007.

‘geometry is the knowledge of the externally existent’
‘number is the within of all things’

In her high heels examines ideas of power, beauty and gender exploring the tensions between the inside and the outside – the organic of self verses the precision with which we measure and construct that which exists externally.

In perfection, definition and uniformity we can establish an ideal, a quantifiable hierarchy while imperfection presents the possibility of erosion and collapse of the system.

The soft, sweet colours vector into space to establish disorienting geometric propositions, precarious, sometimes vicious, to compare the internal feminine, the intuitive and mutable with the definable external existent.

Susan Buret
August 2007