Susan Buret
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Artist Statement March 2007

Susan Buret
Artist Statement

A Measure of Security.

The works are a series of diptychs which pitch stamped patterns of shredded passport images against geometric patterns.

I am interested in the parameters of identity as applied by bureaucracy which, rather than being truly descriptive, function primarily as tools for the imposition of power.
We are told that these descriptions are part of a rigorous system to guarantee security at home and to help us if we travel.

Questioning both the intent and the effectiveness of this documentation, I jam these ideas of security against the patterns and geometry that cover buildings, floors, fabrics, walls and quilts. These are the patterns that are used across many cultures to give individuality and human scale to our environment. They often have spiritual significance. We use them to map and to measure our “own world” to give a sense of place and identity to our homes.

March 2007