Susan Buret
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Catalogue Essay March 2007

Susan Buret is busy working at surfaces
Repeating the act of working them over and over
saying again and again, those of our comfort and those of discomfort
covering surfaces repeatedly in thin layers of colour,
and uncovering them in shredded strips of broken order
making the field of making, telling and painting as a re-making

a repeat

disrupting the coverings of sooth, disrupting facts, dates and numbers.

Buret repeats patterns in the world that lie flat but allude to form… to substance…
to the human and their need.

She disrupts the idea of the one
She splits both the eye and the field
As she disrupts the patterns of culture
Creating surfaces that go across and that are cross at culture
its the comfort of the quilt laying geometries as old as the ages, sounding.
it’s the discomfort of the document official, unyielding.
the passport, the certificate, the visa’s, allowing and disallowing, admitting and refusing. welcoming and disavowing.
Tessellation as skin documents. Skin’s of anti-bureaucracy.

These objects ask questions as they offer themselves as spaces of wonder.
Optical puzzles, shifting between the two and the one they shift us while looking.

By Majena Mafe
March 2007