Susan Buret
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Hossein Valamanesh, judge of the Conrad Jupiters Art Prize 06, on 'Date de Naissance'

2006 judge Hossein Valamanesh announced Brisbane based artist Susan BURET as the winner of the 2006 Conrad Jupiters Art Prize with her work Date de Naissence, shredded passport, synthetic polymer paint, ink on canvas. Of the work he said, "I was first attracted to the simplicity and quietness but as I came closer I became aware of its intricate layering and, how beyond that quietness, it was coming with a very powerful message. The patterns which overlay the whole work remind you of a security fence and also of the patterning on a Palestinian scarf - I suppose what I like is that the political message is strong but so subtly expressed - the glow in the middle to me stands for a face - it is like it is a face glowing from the middle of the work."