Susan Buret
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Loud Whispers, Linked Solutions by Daniel Mafe

Susan Buret’s work is marked by a process of material extension. It is a process wherein materials become either so bleached and paled, or so geometrized and optically compacted, that they actually seem to make visible and render tangible a material light…light is revealed as a vibrating and shimmering opalescence. Within this work, pattern and text are used as organizing structures to frame, give shape to and articulate a voice for this light.

It is however a curiously protestant light, a light that can only depict the notion of “purity” and one that can only speak of rather than actually deliver “redemption”. This is a light that can act as a vicarious salve only. It floats like a translucent doubt, hovering as the finest of atmospheres, parting ever so gently to reveal a secret…the subtle yet tangy scent of a discord. It is the discord of a sweet yet steely irony, an irony which manifests a dry and at times even wry humour. Here humour manages to straddle the incompatible wants or desires of a redemptive belief mixed in with the understanding that none of it is in fact believable.

Daniel Mafe