Susan Buret
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Sawtooth Review #10 Tanya Bailey. 

Despite the completely different subject matter of the works, moving from Henderson’s work in to the Middle Gallery containing Susan Buret’s Nebula was not at all jarring. In fact the large regular grid of organic shapes in one room was beautifully complimented by a large grid of repeating geometric shapes within a cloud- like outline in the next. Nebula too was mesmerising. Buret’s use of a repeating yellow triangle on rectangles of white (and occasionally pale blue? or was that part of the illusion?) paper laid overlapping above, below and next to each other across one wall and onto another,  led to an optical illusion of grand proportions. As I stared at the wall the yellow triangles appeared to move in and out and even dance around as the white/blue of the paper seemed to billow around them. I eventually had to close my eyes and turn around to give them a rest only to find another arrangement of triangles on the wall behind– that eventually jumped out at me as 3D cubes. Clever.