Susan Buret
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Unplacements Between

Unplacements Between is the collaborative text and visual art project created by Majena Mafe and Susan Buret. We work with the liminal space of the not seen and the not said. In our work, visual and textual cues are critiqued, jammed and unravelled, unplaced and undone in ways that challenge the conventional symbolic order, to reveal the play between the notions of the marginal and the central. We see this web space as the place where we keep our working notes and ideas, collecting codes of order that we are in the process of transgressing as 'a nonsense' in need of elaboration. Our work is strongly influenced by Dada and its latter manifestation as Fluxus, and Michel Serres ‘theory of the unsaid’ which explores the 'nothing', and the space referred to as feminine ecriture- a writing that can be loosely described as performing the body. Our practice is collaborative and interdisciplinary spanning video, artist books, pamphlets, multiples, visual-text wall pieces, sound and installation. As a practice it generates and performs its own theory and visual poetry.