Susan Buret
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Stolen Geometry from the Gardens of Love. 2010.

For several years my work has been concerned with issues of identity, documentation and displacement, with pattern and geometry being the primary visual focus.
There is a universality of pattern applied cross-culturally to both public and private space to personalise, provide human scale and divide the immense into measurable portions.
Inspired by the patterns in oriental carpets, screens, textiles, mosaics and gardens, the works in this exhibition are an examination of inclusion and exclusion, the use of pattern for mapping and delineating ownership either by drawing a border or applying personal decoration to signify that the space is one’s own.

Susan Buret
February 2010

Mist 1
Mist 2
Where Corals Lie
Illawarra flame
The Bud and the Bug
Beyond Here Lies Nothing
A Way Of Recording Long Forgotten
Not Dark Yet
What Do You Think About Dahlias
Installation view Stolen Geometry